Sunday, January 2, 2011

I resolve to stop breaking into song at every opportunity... Or atleast stop watching Glee..

Sometimes things work out in the perfectest ( word?) way possible. Alhmdllah, ulter duper excited for an upcoming "thing." Once the ball starts rolling i shall inform. Also, seriously couldn't have asked for a better way to spend the last day of the year. Eating sushi with my siblings and forcing my sister to try her first sushi while chanting "eat it" "eat it" because lets face it, peer pressure is the only way to get things done! Making a fire in the front yard and trying to grill everything and anything on it while watching snowballs get thrown at my dad. Check.
Last but not least, Dancing in the rain. SO check.

AS per usual, new year resolutions!! ( i just looked at my past year resolutions) and i can honestly say that i haven't looked at them since the day I've written them.eeek! Since new year resolutions are only written down to be broken, i will not write down my New Year Resolutions! Ha!! Take that system. What now? huh? huh?

On a totally unrelated note, i just went into Wal-Mart and this lady got this ultra freaked out look on her face, went into the next aisle and started walking faster.

then when i walked out, a lady made up for it by telling me that Jesus loved me!

I love people here!!

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