Saturday, June 27, 2009

Random Thoughts

* i miss talking with my mama, she's the only one who truly understands me despite all our misunderstandings

* i miss our hugs, seriously nothing is better than those hugs

*i feel bad for people living way back when...they had no painkillers. how the heck did anyone survive w/o ibuprofen or Tylenol?

* what did they use instead of pads? a piece of cloth?

* I want to get up and travel the world which is unlikely and that makes me sad
* I'm too sad to write anymore but at least i have my painkillers!

I can never match all my mom does

by the time i get to bed i'm exhausted. I'm up all day on my feet cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry,feeding my little siblings and just when i start thinking i'm done it starts all over again. why you ask am i all of a sudden such the housewife. my mama has been diagnosed with a several galtas or blood clots in her artries. while she's away getting treatment and yarab yeshfeha wyrg3ha belsalama* i'm here having to take care of everything. i never knew that being a housewife is such a fulltime job and it's not even a 9-5 thing this is a 24/7 type of thing. we used to have this woman in our community ( she's legand) mashallah, she had two kids, was pregnant, had her masters was studying for her Phd, had the quran memorized and gave like 2 halaqas a week one at university and another at the masjid. now that is a superwomen!

I never really thought about all the stuff my mom had to do, not i'm not really a spoiled brat that sits on her butt all day doing nothing but i certainly didn't do all the stuff she did all in one day i'd do the dishes twice, vacuum maybe and call it a day. you know karma's a B%&#@ because now that i'm doing all this stuff and i ask my sister to do something she tells me " well, i did the dishes" like that's the end of the work. I miss you mama >3

* May Allah cure her and return her to us

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The cat that could speak

I really should start a dream journal with all the weird dreams i've been having. Last night i guess i was thinking about kittens too much because i had a dream that I was in our house in Egypt and i had about 5 cats and the cool part was, i could talk to them. i don't think i spoke cat but they spoke human! how awesome is that except that it was a dream and i woke up without any cats to talk to and no house in Egypt.

look its my speaking kitten. ain't he adorable. i named my imaginary speaking cat taco bell since taco bell is as healthy as it gets. two birds with one stone.

Here's a cat that can actually speak.

Friday, June 19, 2009

where i say stuff that noone gets the heck i'm talking about

sometimes it takes people who are against you for you to realise your dreams. I'm not really trying to be philasophical here but it really just came upon me how sometimes when someone is so against what your doing and telling you, "you have little to no chance of realizing your dreams and making it happen" that you become more determined than ever to prove them wrong and tell yourself " yes i can and i will!" and this is when you really and truelly start putting plans down on what you have to do to reach that point and ultimatly be able to say " In your face! i did it" in a nice way of course :P when and if i do realise my dreams and make them come true inshallah i will come back and tell you what it is i'm talking about, and that's a promise.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bad news

I have got some bad news for some people, like myself. I tried mapquesting the directions from where i live ( canada) to Egypt and it doesn't work. yahh i know. bummerr!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

scaring others and such stuff

since i was a wee little kid i loved the water. I practically lived in it. i remember going every year to the Mediterranean with the family and family friends who had a little boy a year older than me. During those vacations i would pick up those little crabs that washed up obn shore and put them on the poor boys head, then i would run around doing my maniac laugh, it was pure pleasure. so when we went to the pool the other day i expected just as much if not more from my little 3-year old sister. It came as a shock to me when she looked at the water and screamed! she is definatly nothing like me.

Friday, June 12, 2009

We the youth can and we will

I just came back from a workshop/lecture type thing that was going on at our masjid tonight. the topic was youth involvement in the community. to keep matters short I'll just highlight on some of the main points. we were asked for the reasons why youth aren't involved in the community and the reasons ranged from everything, peer pressure to better things to do such as going shopping or watching a movie; then the question became well why is it important to have youth involved and that too had many answers such as having stronger faith. I think the main thing that stuck in my mind was when we were asked, when sydna bilal, somaya, and other sa7aba companions of the prophet stand in front of God on that given day and they're asked what have you done for Islam? how did you spread the message for generations to come? they can testify for their actions but when it's our turn will we be able to do the same? i sincerely hope so. while the pleasures of this world can last for a while we have to remember that its a only a passing phase and there are spots in Jannah available we just have to be ready to pay for them.
I think many of the sheiks and speakers are trying to emphasize this point of how the youth at the time of the prophet were the ones who mostly helped bring forth the message of Islam and while they had harsh barriers such as torture and rejection from the community, i think i can say we have it somewhat better and easier on us.

inshallah tomorrow the girls have decided to have a meeting and set up plans for activities to be done to attract the youth so that should be fun inshallah, especially that our youth center in the masjid has this big flat screen and a wii :D

Thursday, June 11, 2009

huh? what!

Today i caught myself trying to stuff the gallon of milk into the cupboard and i started cracking up. sometimes i'm just so absentminded i beat the absentminded proffesor at his own game. also the other day i put the Iron in the fridge and stood there for a good five minutes wondering where it was and by chance while i was opening the fridge there it was. I also remember this one time as a child my dad had gotten me a lolipop and then it disapeared, for hours and hours ( or so it seemed) i stood looking for the loli pop, tears streaming down my eyes only to find it in my hand at the end.( the experience was so trumatic that i can still taste that loli pop flavor in my mouth :p

see now that would suck!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Omg, abayas and they're actually cheap

so i was looking around and i happened to go on i was amazed because for Allah knows how long i've always thought that this site sold black abayas and that was it, and since i don't want any black abayas i never bothered to go on there. they're abayas are not only stylish but they're cheap as well i'm talking under $30 cheap!! the thing is now i'm afraid it's too good to be true anyone ordered from there before and can tell me the quality of their clothes? Here are some pictures of abayas on their website.

Monday, June 8, 2009

design her gals

you know how everyone is doing the design her gal thing, well not everyone maybe just mona from the mamamona blogspot and sliceoflemon but hey it's catching on! i decided to go check out the site and hey it's kind of fun, except they def. need more hijab styles and longer clothes.

i was even able to get my blue glasses in there

making up my mind is hard sometimes

I was thinking of buying a dress/abaya from for the summer, but i couldn't make up my mind. I did narrow it down though! if you had the choice which one would you choose?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't be a hater

so i just got out of a full fledged family argument, cause this is how we do. this time it was about Amr Khaled, for those who don't know who he is, he's a man who simply gives deroos and lectures and has become really popular. i'm sure you can do a search about him and find all sorts of stuff, including, sadly, other sheiks cursing him and calling him a fool. basically everything short of a kafir. If that in itself doesn't sound messed up enough then i don't know what does. I get that he makes mistakes afterall he is human, he says it himself as he also tells people that he is no scholar.Some people see it as ok to go and denounce all the good stuff he has done using the excuse that he did some mistakes. seriously the only anyone can not do any mistakes is to sit home and keep their mouth shut that way you don't teach don't learn and a plus plus is that for sure you will not be making any mistakes regarding the prophets * sarcasm.* what i feel is more unexceptable is the way other sheiks on national tv and during jomaa kotbas and give whole lectures about how amr khaled is bad, seriously, if any of them cared enough as they say to give a naseeha or advise they wouldn't be doing it on national tv, they'de take him in private and tell him in a nice manner, and people have to realise that he simplfies things and puts them in simple words so anyone can understand.

During the prophet's time there was a man who went into the masjid and started urinating, the companians of the prophet started getting up and were about to go beat him the prohpet (pbuh) told them to stop and to wait until the man was done lest they shock and scare him. afterwards he talked to him in a nice manner as well he didn't go yelling at him and cursing him.
You can't right a wrong with another wrong

Saturday, June 6, 2009

false alarm

I woke up to my sister yelling in my ear " guess what? guess what? the samples came and no one opened the door so we have to pick them up" still half asleep i got up and went to get confirmation from my mom. she confirmed it but for some reason i didn't believe that the clothing samples have finally arrived and that i could at last get a move on with my clothing business. " how do you know" i asked "7abebti, it's not like we're waiting for anything else" she told me. anyways aboki rye7 yegbhom.
turns out we were waiting for something else, my grandma's passport.

moral of the story : if your sister comes waking you up screaming, push her away and go back to sleep.

if you have no idea what the kebab i'm talking about you may continue sleeping as well.

Friday, June 5, 2009

the day i die

i seem to be doing a lot of confessions lately, but hey at least i'm following up with the whole title of " confessions of a teenage muslimah" and all. hmm deja vu, so sometimes i lay down ( lie or lay?) and pretend i'm dead, you know just to get some practice and all. i lay there, close my eyes, take a position, hold my breath, and imagine what it would be like, but then it gets too sad and practice time is over. There is a saying somewhere or maybe it's a hadith i really can't remember that went something along the lines of they way a person dies indicates how they lived out their life, if their deeds were good or bad. so i'm trying to avoid the way that Elvis died as much as i can( he died on the toilet.) seriously though who of us can say that if we died today they wouldn't have any regrets or would wanna go back read more quran, do more good deeds or pray that one prayer they prayed late in time. I leave you with this picture, it really says it all.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

you know that one speech by obama given in Cairo today

so luckely for me i woke up to pray fajr and rememberd that today was the day that president obama would give his speech in Cairo University, so i was able to get some of the live coverage of it all. oh yah what was up with telling people not to go out in their balcony's and to stay home!! anywho i really think that speech summed up all the stuff muslims and arabs have been screaming out for years while no one listened and people shouted " death to the Middle East" and he actually said moslems not "Muzlums" he did say " hajib" though not "hijab" i think it took a moment for people to realise what he was talking about then they started clapping. yahh check out the whole speech on this link.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New layout

ohh, almost forgot what do you think of the new layout. i really suck at that kind of stuff, so i don't even know how to personalize it. i managed to do that though with all the colors. if you still don't know, i'm a bright person as in i love colors, it could also mean the other sort of bright as in " wow! what a bright girl she is, she knows how to sing the ABC's backwards" except i can totally sing them backwards AND in arabic

i need to get off the lazy boat

I have a confession, I'm lazy also i'm the sort of person that starts something and leaves it half finished. Yes i know the horror! i was taking a look at my life and it occured to me that i havn't really acomplished much. for example, since the start of the summer (month and half back) i've been memorizing the same surah and i'm not even done with it. i started writing a book and then i got bored so i stopped. same thing with my paintings. ok maybe it's not the laziness but bordem. who knows. pretty much this blog is my struggle against quitting. yay! ohh by the way i'm back :d