Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm melting faster than a grilled cheese sandwich being um..grilled

IT'S SO HOT!!! im burning here, and since my grandma can't tolerate any fans going on or the air conditioner i can pretty much scramble an egg in the living room heat! you'd think we were in the desert here. so i choose to stay in my room under the fan but that's about all i can do in this heat so please forgive me, i just got done with reading Girls of Riyadh though so expect a review coming soon.

this is what i wish i was doing right now, except i would be wearing something longer..of course :P

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girls of Riyadh

I'm so excited! i went to the library and got some books. i haven't picked a book since last summer and anyone who knows how much of a book addict i am knows how big of a deal this is to me. yes, i know such a nerd. one of the books i got was this one, looks interesting and can't wait to get a start on it. any books to recommend?

Friday, July 24, 2009

yearly resolutions

It's been a while and nothin really going on, life is ah so blahhhh. only difference is that now i am offically 19 as my birthday was on the 20th. my family is not one to celebrate birthdays much but it is a good time to reflect on the past and think of new resolutions and it's pretty sad to say i have a "50 things to do before the age of 25" and i don't think i've acomplished any of it! for this coming year though i'll put a few goals for myself and hopefully inshallah by this time next year i can say i acomplished most of them.

1- memorize at least a juz2 (chapter)of Qur'an
2- get straight A's ...lets hope and give it a bismallah
3- be more involved in my community and trying for the betterment( is that a word?) of my surroundings.

4- start up my clothing fashion business inshallah
5-try praying all my prayers on time

I have many more of these but i'll just stick to those so i can make sure i fullfill all of them.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

History and time machines

I'm fasinated by it and learning about it gives me a sort of rush of adrelanine through my body. it's beyond exhalirating to find more about history or be in a place of historical significance. for as long as i can remember i've been trying to discover that time machine that will take me back to the rennicance, ancient Egypt, french revolution, and it goes on forever. As a kid i remember mixing potions of lemon, sugar, and water (nevermind that it vaugly resembeled lemonade), and i would throw the mix at the wall in hopes of magically opening a portal that would lead me to my dreams. needless to say the wall needed repainting after a while and i got in a buncha trouble, but hey every genius faced roadblocks at some point or another and i think i'm making some headway with the strawberry, water, and sugar potion. shhhhh it's a secret!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Allah's beauty

sitting today i heard a scratching noise from outside my window i looked outside to find a beetle struggling to get away from a bird which was trying to peck at it with it's beak. it was about to be lunch. Also yesterday sitting in my bedroom my sister screamed out to look out my window, i looked out to see a beautiful deer feeding off the plants in our backyard. it looked so peaceful sitting there that praise for my lord came out of my mouth automatically.

I'm not really sure where I'm going with this but many times we're too enormed in our own lives and the events that circle around it that we forget the rest of God's creations and the beauty that we many times miss out on. each animal, bird, insect out there has their own story to tell and a life that they lead and it all amounts to something and thinking too little of them is thinking too little of God's creatures.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what mosquites make me do

I'm trying to sleep and I'm almost in that phase in between sleep and non-sleep when from the other side of my bed i hear fighting i get up ready to smack whoever for waking me up when i see my little brother lodged at the foot of my bed, left foot extended out next to my face and my little sister who decided to sleep next to me pushing him away.

ME: whats going on? and why is your foot in my face

little Bro: I wanted her to scratch my mosquito bite, it itches

ME: what! scratch it yourself

little Bro: but she's ( little sister) is the only one that can itch it good

i couldn't help but laugh
so i volunteer to itch his foot for him so i can get some sleep

ME: is that OK?

Little Bro: I scratch good, you scratch better, but she scratches the best

i can't help but laugh at those little kid conversations that go on, tell me how else would you get an English lesson in good, better, best :P

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

to lazy to think of a title

I can't think of anything to write if you can see all the drafts i have and all the beginings with no endings. i don't know i'm not in the mood for writing and it's too hot that laziness has taken on a whole different level. so forgive me and i do apologize no if you don't mind i need to go be lazy.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tag, i'm it!

I've been tagged my first tag also by Samra from which is just as well cause i've been going through a writers block :D

>your nickname:
gargeer, omo esma3eel, hagz, gogo,can you guess my name?

>what type of person are you:
friendly, activist, high achiever, bad joker (i'm the only one that thinks my jokes are funny) easliy amused but not esily impressed

>Your most beloved:
my religon,family and friends

>Favorite songs:
look into my eyes- outlandish
shoulder to lean on- sound of reason
paradise- native deen

>Favorite Foods:
All types of chicken especially spicy and fried
wara2 3enab done the egyptian way ( stuffed grape leaves)
i'm always down for Italian, Indian, egyptian, and chinese :D

>Stressful Attitude:
i cry when i'm stressed

>Favorite Colors:

Red, purple, Orange, yellow, forest green wow it sounds like the rainbow!

>A must in your handbag:

my kohl, mini quran, and wallet

>Last cried:

i think last week ( i was stressed)

I tag

Mona at
Radwa at

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My very first Award

I've recieved my first award from ya'll! I'm glad someone reads my blog :D and so i give this award to two sweet bloggers

a very artistic Rawda at

an inspiring and addicting blog at


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

facebook oh facebook why do you mock me

I hate facebook. first thing when i log on today i see all these newsfeeds of who's been doing what and if that's not enough i get to see the pictures of who's just been to Italy, who just came back from spain, who went to what convention with friends and who went to the beach with their family. don't get me wrong i'm happy for these people but can it get any more depressing looking at all these pictures and sitting at home trying to remember when your last vacation was or even anything remotly exciting going on in life. ahh well alhmdllah at least it's not going downwards.

I am patiant though so i will await someone to come knocking on my door and offering me a ticket to greece with a first class seat on a plane :D

Hanan Turk

I love Hanan turk's style. she dresses modestly yet so fashionably
some of the these pictures are from her new upcoming series "hanem bnt basha" which she's doing wearing the hijab and other pictures are from the events that she takes part of. what do you think of her style?

Monday, July 6, 2009

Pigs don't fly

It's that time of year again where i have to sign up for classes. I had sworn off all science and Math classes since entering univiersty yet here i am pressing the "add" button on a science course. it wasn't that i couldn't stay away from them, contrarily i hate those things. my brain cannot fathom them. so why am i doing this? well even though I'm majoring in political science my dad as an Egyptian and an Arab cannot feel good about that, he thinks i'm doomed for faliure because you're either a dentist or a pharmasist. oh look i'm neither! so we shall see how that turns out because maybe by some miracle i begin liking biology and understanding it like it was nothing. this is where i say " ya right, when pigs start to fly"

happy 5th of July on the 6th

Today is the 6th of July and this is me reminding you in case you forgot. seriously, how time runs.

Unlike most Americans who normally do fireworks on the 4th of July my neighborhood decides to do it the night after, you know just to confuse everyone else out there; well anyways i went on the front porch, pulled up a chair and sat down for the show, The moon was full and there was a slight breeze that tickled my face and swayed the trees around me, i could hear my mom and grandma laughing about something in the background and lights lit up the sky from all the fireworks.Everything clicked together and i truly felt at peace. it was a moment but that was enough to make me smile and thank Allah for all i have, even if its not all my dreams come true I've got my family and that's more than enough for me.

Friday, July 3, 2009


a couple of posts ago i blogged about some abayas from eastessence well this was one that i ordered and i just recieved it a couple of days ago. It wasn't really what i excpeted i knew it would be long on me since i'm more on the short side but it for a size M it was big from uptop as well it didn't help that it was kind of kinched at the waist either. i guess i'll have to fix the size and see then

Am i normal?

so my grandma is a neat freak, seriously. right after eating she wants us to stand there and wash the dishes while cooking she wants to me to stand there and wash the dishes, if anyone decides at one point in time of the day to eat something she wants them to right away wash that dish. I don't know about other people but i don't want to stand the whole day in the kitchen let alone washing the dishes. It's not my thing, i hate doing the dishes so i prefer pilling(sp?) all of them up and get them over with all in one shot. and while we're on the topic what is up with Arabs specifically Egyptians and making lots of food. I don't get the reasoning behind making enough food to feed a whole group of sumo wrestlers when you only have like two people invited over for dinner. can someone tell me am i normal?