Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Muslim Outrage

Yes, I am Muslim

Perhaps it's a bit unusual that I start with giving such a statement, but here's another one.

My prophet is everything to me, I love him. I love him with every fiber of my being
The things he had to go through, his patience, his character and most beautiful soul make me wish I could sit with him, see him, if just for a moment.

I of course do not need to tell the world such statements and declarations, and maybe my actions aren't the best indicators for my love but i state it anyways. Perhaps for no one and everyone to hear.

I look at the outrage going around the Muslim world and I seem to not see the justifications for it. Somehow people see a video, cartoon, or article insulting the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or any of the other prophets as something to raise hell for. Contrarily, The prophet's honor was something given to him by God from above seven heavens, his dignity, despite all the insults and lies told about him and TO him throughout all the ages, is not scratched by these attempts of misrepresenting the message of Islam.

God says in the Holy Quran, "be patient about what they may say" and this is repeated several times throughout, this being the policy I don't get all the calls for protest and uprise against "the west". Give me a break! This video has been out since July and people only started knowing about it when a bunch of Muslims started being ridiculous.

I would rather educate people, in the peaceful way the prophet taught about this beautiful religion of God, i would do better to live by his example and his manners. This does even more teaching and does amazingly in eradicating ignorance.

Perhaps you see it differently than i do, and see that there is a particular action to be taken, but I do not want to hear another word about me not loving my religion, not caring about my prophet, and not acting upon what it means to be Muslim.

Because I am Muslim
My prophet is everything to me.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Missing Cairo

I've opened my blog twice then closed it, wanting to write a post but not knowing where to start. Alhmdllah i feel alive, despite the fact that 2 days ago when i came back from Egypt i was depressed. Thank God for friends. Honestly the difference between the busy bustling loud and crowded streets of Cairo and between the quietness of my city in Canada are striking. I'de take the busy any day. I think the greatest thing that struck me in Egypt is that history is everywhere! literally, I'll be walking next to a century old building, or gates from some older dynasty, people walk around it not giving a shit, but to me that clashing of old with new makes me get goosebumps. Never the dull moment in Egypt, I've countless times fallen and refallen in love with my country.

Enough of my love letter though, after some mishaps with Egypt airlines, I'm finally back home. Two weeks behind in school but nonetheless here's for planning on having a great year and a memorable last semester.


View of Cairo from atop

Masjid Muhammad Ali

One of what was once an old gate of Cairo, Khan Elkalili

Monday, September 3, 2012

Checking in from Riyadh


I'm in the middle of the sun! Or so it feels like it. I don't know how Saudi's did it before the AC, specially in all this black women must wear. So life took an unexpected twist of events, but first i shall update.

Egypt was great, sure i was somewhat culture-shocked after 7 years of not visiting but overall it was a great trip alhmdllah. I acted the role of a tourist and visited all the fancy shananagins. I visited the pyramids for the first time, rode horses in the desert and got ripped off doing so. I sat at Elfishawy, prayed in Al-Azhar and AL-Hussien, went to Tahrir Square and the Egyptian Museum, watched bats in Al-Azhar park and I wish I could have done more and met some of the amazingly awesome bloggers I got to know,  except time wasn't so permitting especially with Ramadan
 Halfway through we decided well what if we can do Umra. We didn't expect to make it till after Eid, but couple days before Eid we found ourselves on a plane heading to the  "Land of all Holys" -Makkah. and thus me finally ending up in Riyadh visiting my uncle.

If I stop being the lazy bum I am, I'll do several posts regarding my stay in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. As for now I'm gonna enjoy what's left of my break. By that I mean im gonna drink me some tea and watch some National Geographic. Cheers!