Sunday, October 23, 2011

Will not model for food.

I'm seeing a trend here, I mostly write when I'm super busy. I have a million things to do and then I'm like, "wait, i have a blog don't i?"
because logically that's what you do.
Hey, at least i have a cover page of one of my papers done. Check.

so the other day i had a photoshoot which was super exciting and interesting. I never thought modelling actually required talent, like wahhh? i know!  Things which i have no innate skill at, not to mention that  it's tiring as hell. Change into this, go over there, stand like that. I have trouble taking orders from people Ok! I haven't gotten all the photos back yet so I'm not sure how they turned out but I'm ubber excited.
So here's a sneak peak. 

Other than that it's mostly school, school, school, work, meeting, school, work. 

Personal checklist: 
- Essay Proposal 
- Prepare discussion questions for meeting 
- Conference lecture outline on Egyptian Revolution
- Book hall for event
- recruit people for flash mob 
- Cover letter and Resume 
- Breathe 

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Things that make me happy

Many times we feel that if we have this or that we will be happy. We have a whole list of things which if we accumulate will no doubt make us the happiest people alive. In that rush of materialistic daze, we forget about the small things, tiny in that matter, but which make us the happiest of all.

It puts a smile on my face to be walking and to see a random person smile to themselves and then I'm walking around smiling to myself as well.

The other day while walking an old couple were walking as well, all of a sudden the husband stopped, bent down and kissed the top of her head and then continued walking next to her. I melted.

While at the mall a couple of weeks back, i saw a little boy no more than 5 walking with his mom, he looked at me winked, and did the whole pointing/guns hand move, clicking his tongue at the same time and continued on ass if nothing had happened. It made my day!

While enjoying the October Sun at school, one of the school workers mowing the lawn turned to me and said
 " beautiful day ain't it, enjoy it!"

Maybe I'm one those people who are just so easily pleased and amused, but i take it that most people are. Give it a try and smile or say something nice to the next person you see. It might make their day.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What I'm currently doing

Sitting at a table in the school library trying to write philosophically about Plato's Republic and the concept of the Philosopher king. 
Sweating it out because despite the 100 degrees weather our school decides that they want to turn the heat on. Good one you guys! 
Attempting to stay awake because i somehow thought it was a good idea not to sleep after an all-nighter. 
Drinking my Ice Cap and wanting to go pee but too lazy to actually get up. 
What might you be doing on this lovely evening?