Sunday, January 16, 2011

Day Two...ya we're tight

                                           Don't you just love those uniforms

That's my little brother and I, first day of school, Lord knows when. Me and my brother have had this relationship where when he was born i called him "sumaya" a girls name, talked to him in the feminine instead of masculine and for a while he pretty much addressed himself in the feminine as well. I think it was because when he was just born he peed on my leg and from there it started. If this isn't love, i can't tell you what is. Also when i was in about 9th grade maybe and him in 7th we hated each others guts. It didn't play too well for my mom since i remember us being on vacation at the time and refusing to sit next to each other on the Airplane. Being the strong Egyptian woman that she is though, she threatened she'd have the plane turned around and take us back. I think after we got through that phase though we've grown a lot closer. We can sit around having late night conversations about taking over the world, our dreams and the trip to North  South Korea that we plan on taking together and just life in general. So even though we've had our ups and downs we've still managed to not kill each other, which says a lot in the friendship department.

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