Saturday, January 15, 2011

Day One...Not fobbish at all.

This is what i go to school to learn..awesome fobbish poses!

15 facts about yours truly: 
1- My sister who's younger by six years apparently looks like my older sister
2-  things I'm passionate about. My religion, Justice, History and Ideas 
3- I would rather learn something from a course then get an A without having learned anything
4- I love love love swimming, sometimes i wish i could live in water
5- people don't laugh at my jokes, they laugh at my laugh 
6- Owls just amaze me. I think they're beautiful beyond compare
7- My idea of fun is reading books 
8- I love my hair short and i think i want to keep it like this for years to come 
9- I use the word "love" a lot but usually when i say it i mean it
10- I am born in a generation that is not mine. I love old poetry, writers, music, art, clothing, fashion but maybe i am born in the right time since i have the right to still act as those generations did and its nothing out of the ordinary.
11- I had to take the Drivers education class 3 times just because I've moved so much
12- I believe that i can change the world and i tell myself that i will :) 
13- I'm very into trying new things, especially new food
14- I have to read the book before watching the movie
15- I'm very social yet i very much value my alone time


  1. Just added you to the list. Glad to have another participant! =)

  2. like the 13# if you try you really will do it!