Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day fourteen...I can't live my life without you

I need to tell my mom to stop wearing white cause it washes away her face..jokesss

I love my mom to death, I may not always show my appreciation but i can't imagine life without my mom. She's my everything, that it's hard to even put into words the amount of feeling i have for her. Sometimes when i think  about the day when death comes calling( i know horrible)  i always hope that i die before i ever have to see any of my parents or family gone. It paralyzes me that this part of life would even happen. 

May you have many more years of health, blessings and happiness my awesome mama. Ameen


  1. Looks like most people chose their mum for this theme!

    Ameen to your duas

  2. Ameen too, maybe I chose my mum too, heheh, but probably my family at all!

  3. yeaaa where are we without our mums eh :D