Friday, September 24, 2010

On marriage, age and acting my shoe size

Bonjour, ca va?

End of French.

so here i am, nothing too interesting really. Just school, catching up with friends that i haven't seen all summer and not to mention congratulating all the friends that got either married or engaged. It's crazy, I"m used to having friends and thinking of ourselves as kids, teens but now It's the stage where my friends are getting married, my circle of people! It's really hard to explain and I'm not sure how i feel about it. I don't think i like it too much. It's not that I'm not happy for them, contrarily I'm ecstatic, but now it's different, we're not kids anymore. We're adults. Adults. I don't like the taste of that word in my mouth. It comes with obligations, responsibilities, loss of innocence, lack of fun. It forces me to change my mindset from the kid i still think i am at times to a person who has commitments. Am i being too dark here? Maybe it's because I'd rather act my shoe size and not my age.

despite all that, here's to all the beautiful and strong ladies in my life, may it be a marriage full of bliss and many adventures <3

Saturday, September 18, 2010

gimme your stuff

So i just randomly stumbled upon this blog called gimme your stuff. The basic idea of it is to list some stuff that you'de be willing to give to a person from a different country that shows the culture and what not of your country, in exchange of  stuff they're offering from their country. it could be anything the both of you decide on, like magazines, clothes, jewelery, candy, food, stickers, snacks, whatever, you name it. I've totally fell in love with the idea and can't wait to try it out.

Stuff i can send from Canada:

- Magazines...people, vogue, etc.
- Snacks!!!! so much candy..everywhere
- Postcards, key chains, something that says CANADA...literally :p
- jewelery, shoes, certain clothing items.

if there's something in particular that you're looking for as well.

I'de probably ike to receive

- souvenirs ( key rings, post cards, etc. )
- clothing style items known for that country
- posters
- candy, food from that part of the world
- surprise!

soooo if anyone is interested, leave a comment below and we shall work it out.

Monday, September 13, 2010

What do you do on Eid?

P.S : Can you tell that there are a lot of Paki/Indian people in this community? lol

one, two, back to school

ahhh wow, it's crazy how time flys by so fast. Ramadan's over, Eid's over and school is starting...well actually started. Alhmdllah this summer was satisfying, interesting, and who can forget the awkward moments. I've been so busy these past couple of days that i didn't have time to go online so happy belated Eid!.
I know as crazy as it might sound I'm looking forward to starting this school year. so here's to making this year an adventurous one, full of interesting events.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Children left unattended will be given a free puppy and caffine to go along with it.

                                     Can you tell that they love kids in this Masjid here? :p

My one day adoption

So the other day we were driving along the road when as calm as could be we see a turtle crossing...
y'all it was being very precautious, it looked left and right like 5 times, except that it was in the middle of the street. too precautious maybe
we stopped and picked the little fellow up, and i decided to adopt him.
i named him Franklin.
Franklin and i had such a good time, oh the memories that we made. They bring tears to my eyes.
I tried feeding him lettuce but Franklin was too shy
He sat in his box and after pleading with him to eat something he eventually peaked his head out of his shell.
and then we had a blast and bonded and stuff.
At the end of the day, like all mother do, i eventually had to let go of Franklin.
He now roams somewhere in the woods behind our backyard

Franklin dear, you shall be missed

                                                                    Shy Franklin

Franklin with the rest of the family

Franklin heading out on his own.

P.S Franklin might have been a girl.