Monday, January 17, 2011

Day three... and the cast is


                                                                             Ugly Betty! 
I'm not a T.V person i hardly ever watch shows but i fell in love with Ugly Betty. I think each of us has an Ugly Betty inside of us or hope to at least. Meaning that we all want to in a way dress in whatever way, be whatever we want, eat whatever and not give a hoot about what others think. I loved that she was so uplifting so inspiring despite the way people acted towards her in the workspace. She wanted to be her own self and not just another carbon copy of all the other workers who acted in a specific way to fit into the "fashion" industry. I think we can all relate. Ahhh look at me over-analyzing shows as usual!
I actually thought it would be a great addition to have a Muslim Hijabi girl on the show, everyone at the company would initially pick on her but then would fall in love with her after they get to know that hey, Muslims are successful and have a taste for fashion as well ;)

Whats that?  I'm dreaming too much? pshttt watch me start a show!

  Ugly Betty America Ferrera

America Ferrera Ugly Betty started filming its third season under the Brooklyn Bridge. America Ferrera was the main cast member shooting scenes with motorcycles and some ladies wearing skimpy outfits. Becki Newton and Patricia Fields were also spotted on set.

Am i the only one who loves her color coordination? 

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