Thursday, March 11, 2010

Like, i'm like speech impaired!

Its funny how little things when pointed out can become so noticable.

The other day a friend pointed out that the group of guys with beards in the Uni kept stroking it throughout the last couple of hours. I thought it was just bluff!

so here i was today, sitting, minding my own business, when i notice the same group of guys with beards, stroking them.

i was probably sitting there for at least 3 hours and every time i glanced over THEY WERE STROKING THEIR BEARDS!

I'm guilty to say that this cracked me up.

I don't think they intentionally did that, i probably do stuff that i barely notice as well.

I say "like" a lot, someone pointed out that one time and it seemed that that was the only word i said in my sentences. like for real!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Enemy lines.

Silence was the key.
I moved discreetly behind the tall shelves, my heart pounding as i did so.
looking left and right, i got ready to make my move. The weapon in my hand froze my fingers. A giggle escaped my throat because of the anticipation.

I walked stealthily, sneaking up on my victim, who was also in position. He thought he was ready, but next to my stealthy abilities, he had no chance.

BAM! went my perfectly created weapon, hitting his back with full force.

" you kids, vat you think you're doing throwing snowballs in the masjid!"


we stood for a minute, like deer in the face of headlights then we made our escape. Each scattering in a different direction, but not before the message went around.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How much do i love thee... let me count the ways

A snippet from our conversations.

" I love chicken like Romeo's love for Juliet"

" I love chicken as much as an anorexic girl hates food"

" Anorexic girls don't hate food! they just don't like to eat."

"what! that made no sense. you lose"

" OK, I love chicken as much as Israel hates Palestine"

" well... I love chicken as much as a bulimic girl likes to throw up"

"I'm not even sure they like doing that, they just don't want to get fat"

" that's besides the point, i love chicken!"

" wow are you guys still talking about chicken?"