Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day Seventeen...Something which has mad a huge impact on my life recently.

As an Egyptian I've grown up passing day in and day out  Masjid of Imam Al-Hussein, the grandson of the prophet Muhammad. I knew who he was and his position in Islam, i passed by the Mosque many times, maybe entered it once or twice. I knew that he had been killed, and that  his head lay in that  mosque. Why or how i never did care to find out.
About two years ago there was a lecture that i stepped into with a friend, the lecture was about the Battle of Karbala and Imam Hussein's role within it. I think that event was the domino that pushed the chain effect of me picking up books, reading and educating myself. What took place in Karbala is a humanitarian lesson for everyone, not just for Muslims. Imam Hussein symbolizes the stand against oppression, and the ultimate sacrifice as he stood against a tyrant, Yazid, Who despite knowing who Hussein was, did not hesitate to kill him and mutilate his body. I can honestly go on about this forever but it'll suffice to say that learning about this event had and will continue to have a huge impact on my life.


  1. Very, very interesting! I studied a little bit about the role of Shia Muslims in Middle Eastern politics. It's always nice to learn about a person's spiritual connection to Islam and Allah swt =)

  2. It is Interesting, and funny how a little while ago only i never even knew what it is Shias believed if anything like sunnis at all. But about the event of Karbala i don't really consider it a "shia" thing because sydna Al Hussien was a revered person for both Sunnis and Shias and both should learn lessons from that event.