Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm so spontaneous i didn't even know how this post was going to end.

Friend: ok, so it's set. we're gonna drag race to Mexico

Me:sounds good to me!, but don't you think eating ice cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner would be a better idea?

Friend: yaa that sounds good too.

Me: umm are we allowed to plan being spontaneous or are there rules against that? cause I just planned on going to the mall and piercing my lower lip!!!

the following was part of the conversation my friend and i were having, and that was our attempt at being spontaneous. I seriously wish i could on the spur of the moment think of something and do it, or pack up and just go. if it wasn't for the fact that i live with my parents maybe i would have been able to do that. I seriously need someone in my life who is like that. Ya, thinking and planning ahead of time is good but what a boring way to live. and for real, can you plan your spontaneous moves? ahh i suck at this.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

I love old people

What i love about being Muslim is the fact that i can see a Muslim anywhere, from any country, speaking any language, and tell them Salam Alikom* and get a reply back. There's something about that that is so heart warming. The universal words spoken by all Muslims. words that unite. I know some people though will look at that and think of it as weird, if some random Muslim smiles at them and calls out salams they'll give them the " wth! do i know you" look. now i get that look alot and i could care less. I love the fact that i'm saying salams to another fellow Muslim. I love it even more to say Salams to someone and have them smile back and say salams. come on smile its Sunnah!
well the other day we were doing some shopping in Dearborn and if you know anything about the place you'll know it's overrun with Arabs and many Muslims. you can't exactly go around saying salams to everyone but whats sad is having Muslims give you dirty looks while non-Muslims are the ones smiling at you. Don't get me wrong, i love smiles from everyone but what have i done to the ones showering me with dirty looks.

speaking of smiling, me and my sister where at a mall in Detroit and we kept running into this one old man everywhere we went and every time he smile at us and this wasn't one of those smiles where you just smile, have brief eye contact and go back to what you were doing. no, this man had his full set of teeth, or what was left of them showing and you could see the laugh lines next to his eyes. heck,his eyes were smiling. my sister thought he was the weirdest thing but i loved that he was so happy. i smiled at him just as hard if not harder. old people rock!

* Salam Alikom: Is an arabic greeting meaning Peace be unto you.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

sacrifice. and not the kind where you kill an animal.

I can't for the life of me fathom the idea of sacrifice for a spouce or someone you love. granted i've never fallen in love so maybe i don't know what it's like. probably the only sacrifice i know of on a big scale is my sacrifice for God and even then i gotta admit i'm not doing such a great job.
It really mistfies me, how people would do it so willingly too. I know when my parents ask me to do something i'll do it but i might not be too happy about it. I'll force myself to do it because well it's my parents asking me. or maybe i'm just a selfish person.

I get this warm fuzzy feeling when i start talking about finals...not!

woooah there. I'm pretty sure i almost forgot how to write its been so long since i've last posted. So its that time of the year. finals time!! I just got back from an exam and i'm about to take a shower and catch me some ZzZZz's before i have to get back up and study. one more to go ya'll. During break i'm always like " ahh can't wait for school" and during school its " omg, when's the break gonna start" ah such is life and such are humans. never happy with what they have.
So it's almost been a year since i started this blog here. a year!!! time flies.
anyways this is just my little update to insure everyone that i, while maybe not doing so well, am alive.