Thursday, April 30, 2009

Abayas, abayas, and oh look more abayas!

I want these Abayas, imagine all the ways you can dress them up or down! they're from shukronline and they're on sale!! i especially love the sleeves, more convenient and you don't have to worry about dropping them in food, or having them role up to show ur arms. so ya my birthday is coming up in July so if anyone out there wants to be nice, I'm a size medium.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

be on the lookout

I really have nothing to talk about, I just came back from swimming and walking around by the riverside. seriously, it is the one of the most beautiful views; the reflection of lights on water and the tall buildings lining the horizon are just breathtaking. On a another note I've been freaking out since I've heard about the swine flu breaking out and whatnot I've become more paranoid than i already am. first off I've got this cold and I'm sneezing 24/7, one of the symptoms of the flu; secondly, I'm heading off to North Carolina in a couple of days so if i don't yet have it I'm sure to get it over there where the second largest population of Mexican people reside( i made that fact up) but heck it seems like Mexican headquarters to me. ya so umm I'm gonna go pack the rest of my stuff and go buy me some masks

Friday, April 24, 2009

10 Things i have learned in my first year of university

1- Eye twitching is totally normal, in fact if it doesn't happen probably means your not have enough all nighters.

2- Having All nighters is totally normal, and is most encouraged

3- The people who are at the table next to you in the library totally become your best friends when you need someone to watch your stuff

4- One develops an immunity to caffeine, one has to find new means to stay any means necessary

5- Right when exam times role around Facebook, YouTube, and every means of distraction all of a sudden becomes really interesting

6- Cubicles are the latest fad

7-sneaking skills to the nines, while food is not allowed in the library one need not to worry, just sneak it around through the elevator, or in someones purse

8- Ice Cap's are an addiction and Tim Hurton's( Canadian version of Starbucks) is like a daily need for one to function

9- When i say i'm going to a "club meeting" by that i don't mean i'm actually going to a club

10- That High School was a joke!

I don't really have a title.

I am sitting here minding my own business when my little sister Aka the bird terrorist comes and decides to integrate me. Now this girl is not like any three year old walking around, looks can be deceiving as they say. this girl is like a mini Aunti, kala or whatever you wanna call her, in short she has the eye-rolling, hand movements of the kala's/aunties association down. needless to say she is very intimidating. so like i said I'm sitting there on my laptop laughing at something and unaware of anything when the little bird terrorist comes up and screams in my face " why are you laughing at him?" I look up blink a couple of times to see her standing there hands on hips. Behind her stood my brother who i should mention is two years older than her!

"Don't laugh at Omar" she yelled and proceeded to hit me, then with satisfaction she goes back to my brother with a wide smile on her face.

He grabs her ear and from where I'm sitting i could hear him whisper to her " why didn't you eat her?"

her reply " EAT HER??"

" but she's too big!"

I'm still sitting here with my mouth wide open

Monday, April 20, 2009

Efta7y edek إفتحي إيدك ...Open ur hands

I remember my first day in an Egyptian school. I had just come back from the USA, and i barely knew any Arabic much the less writing it. It was a whole new experience and not necessarily a pleasant one. It was many firsts for me. First time wearing a uniform, first time in an Egyptian school, first time to get hit on my hand, and by a teacher. I still remember being scared shitless, i think i almost wet my pants( dress) whatever! i was accustomed to being the teacher's pet, and i didn't really understand why the teacher would get so mad that my Arabic handwriting wasn't on the line that it'd make her break a ruler on my hand.

When my parents heard about this they were of course not happy, so the next day i proceeded to go to school with my parents who gave the teacher ( Ms. Mofeeda) a piece of their mind. Her excuse " well, you should have told me she came from America" Wat!!! so i only get speciel treatment cause i lived in the US! not to mention that hitting in schools is against the law, but what do teachers care about that, only time those long sticks disappear is when the hear that someone is coming to check on the school, and subhanallah just like that flowers are placed at every corner, carpets are rolled out, and sticks disappear.

Its probably different now, i remember a couple of years later standing up to a teacher and refusing to open my hands since i didn't do anything to be punished for and i blankly told him it was against the law, my punishment was standing in front of the classroom for the whole day. We had a teacher one time who cursed a student by his father's name " ybn el..." bad move, the kid picked up the teacher from the front of his shirt and dangled him over the side of the three story building. What a sight!! as entertaining as that was, it's kind of sad to see teachers have little to no respect in Egypt, but then again who's fault is it really?


SO ya i have a message for all those who read my blog, or give it a glance once every two years ( exaggeration) I know you're out there because i know for a fact i have some coming on here all the way from the UK, right here in Canada, some in Morocco and even Egypt! ( yes you, yea I'm talking to you, aywa enty) As fun as it is talking to myself, i'de like to get some feedback, or some subscription, i only have two subscribers and one of them is myself!! how lame.

...and i'd also like to get every one's dua's for my grandma and everyone who is sick out there. May Allah(SWT) cure them and return to them their health. Amen

Sunday, April 19, 2009

cleaning? wat? who mee??

I Am going spring cleaning on my room. If you've been through university finals before you know the mess. It's almost a beautiful piece of art that you feel bad cleaning it!! but since my mama has been yelling at me everyday to clean it up, i have no option but to destroy my work of art. I've actually started on it already, I'd take pictures of the before and after but my camera is broken. hey, maybe i should work on fixing the camera instead of cleaning the room!
These pictures we sent to me in an email and i thought they were pretty cool and that I'd share them





Great Britain








So how do you like these? Do you think these pictures portray the foods of each country accuratly. or not so much?
For the Egypt one i think all they needed were some sugar cane sticks in there somewhere ( 3aseer asab) anyone??

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Last day of skool!!... yes that was today.

So it happens that today was my last day of exams. It still hasn't registered yet! for some reason i just can't get it into my head that the year is already over, and that I'm officially a second year student-skipping a few minor details here and there- but, nonetheless second year. what this means is that i will be going to NC during the summer and i hate it over there, have i mentioned that i hate NC???

So as a sort of celebration after the exam ( my friend and I) decided to go walk by the riverside and picnic since its like two steps away from university, we get there and the weather was beautiful, sunny with a side dish of a little breeze. we walked and walked, until eventually we made our way to downtown and it was amazing since it looked like Egypt minus the crowd, and dirt. It was all perfect until i got home and took my sunglasses off in front of the mirror. My nose was tomato red. Of all the things the Sun decided to scorch, it picked my nose!!! now i look like a clown, a pathetic attempt at it at least.

Monday, April 13, 2009

my little pet peeves

I know i've been hatin' on a lot of stuff lately but i've got to say, i think so far my #1 on the list has to be those unwritten rules that they always come up with. An example of this is the ensuing conversation i had with mom on the phone about 5minutes ago.

Phone rings or more like vibrate...

ME: Aloo
Mom: Where have you been?
ME: umm here at university, studying
Mom: I've beeen trying to reach you all day
Me: umm
Mom: Why didn't you call me after your exam??
Me: well i turned it off for the exam and forgot all about it afterwards cause i was studying for tomorrow's exam ?
Mom: Why didn't you tell me you were staying

ME: !!!!! well i thought you knew, since i have an exam tommorow and since i've been staying pretty late for the past i dunno...two weeks, i thought you knew!
Mom: me and tant Hanem(my friends mom) were all dressed and ready to come look for you!
Me: (WHAT!!!) well look, you're really making a big deal out of this just because i had my phone clos..
Mom: we didn't just get you a phone so you can leave it turned offf!! ( yelling)
Me: well i had a lot on my mind and i just forgot, but that's no reason for you to make a big deal..
Mom: Your supposed to call after an exam, you know that!

I did not know that!! like my parents never sat me down and told me that i had to officially call after every exam i took!! cause when i do call this is what i say " alhmdllah it was ok" cause if i say any other thing such as " we'll see" hell does a tumble!

so world what do you think? should i have called my mom? do you have any unwritten rules in your family that you just hate?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tell me why I'm sitting around and studying for finals when i should be doing this? ( smelling flowers!) ohh its snowing outside! in APRILL!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

I think...

I think...

I hate that word. well not the word itself but i hate when it goes something like this.

" I really don't think God would care if i pray or not"
" In my opinion, I don't think Hijab is obligatory or anything"
" I think God would care less if i fasted or not, he has better things to do"

you think?

so really whats the point of following a religion of people keep making up their own rules for it, and instead of just guessing wouldn't it be smarter to read the Qur'an and see.

World, it really pisses me off to see people doing things like that, i understand that some people might not feel ready to take on some of the rules that are required, and that's fine.but trying to make excuses and nullify the rules is a totally different matter. If God did not care about whether one wore the hijab or not for example, or if they prayed 5 times a day or not, then they would not be mentioned in the Quran and Ahadith and such, so don't put words in God's mouth ( figuratively of course) :D. Not understanding the Ayah or not being able to find it in the Qur'an doesn't mean its not there either.

I'm not implying for anyone to close of their brains and not think, but i feel that the problem is that maybe people are over thinking it. For example, you go to the Doctor's office, and he says that you have to take a shot. Its logical to ask why you have to do it in order to understand better how you might need it, but you don't go and tell the doctor, (who happens to have a degree in this stuff) " hey doc, i really don't think i need this shot, its gonna hurt." same idea, one should try understanding the reasons behind the things we have to do, but its not exactly up to us to say yes or no. or if someone does decide and do that, hey its your choice, just don't go making up I think and think nots!!