Thursday, January 6, 2011

Say what.... I'm so lost!

One would think that with all the updating I've been doing for the new year, end of the year/resolutions, i'd be up to date with whats going on except for the fact that i feel that the new year has already snuk ( past tense of sneak?)  up on me. Don't as me why, i just feel like it has. Maybe it's because even though school started today for me, I'm nowhere near my school? just maybe! Maybe Its because most of my resolutions were to take place once i started back to school and since ( have i mentioned that i still haven't started) I still haven't started school, i just feel like I've been falling behind.

Ok new resolution, STAY ON TRACK!


  1. If you what the rainbow you have to put up with the rain. Go to school:-)

  2. Liz i would, i swear i'm like the queen of all nerds except school is in Canada while im still here in the States. problemo? i thought so :D

    Amina, Ameen to that! I'm tryinggg