Saturday, October 31, 2009

Before you put on a frown, make absolutely sure there are no smiles available. ~Jim Beggs

So the other day i had an interview at the YMCA and i go in and near the front desk were about another 20 applicants! Before the interview each of us got a call telling us that the interview would be divided into three parts. Each of us was also asked to bring an activity or game with us. so you can imagine how the interview turned out. each of us had to describe our game/activity and we got to play it! the second part of the interview involved being paired up with another one of the applicants, being each given a scenario and then acting it out and the third was just us putting the constitution in our own words and how we would go about implementing it.Needless to say that was one interview i would not forget.
The point i want to get out of this is, sometimes we forget what it is like to have fun and be a kid again. we're so focused on our worries, duties, and everyday life problems that we forget what its like to smile. you know i walked out of that interview and i didn't even care if i got the job or not. It was enough for me that i got to know some great people and had fun doing it.

and just incase anyone forgot.... Smile, it's Sunnah :D

Alhmdllah, i ended up getting the job and i get to work with some great kids.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The swine flu story is so out of hand

Ok so I wasn't exactly mad at people not commenting, OK maybe just a little. mostly I'm giving an excuse to my lazy self not to do much. SO right when i get out of my first mid-terms i get thrown into the second ones and life goes on. I'm actually sitting in class right now listening to my prof. talk about globalization. does it deteriorate from a nations sovereignty with people becoming so interdependent on each other? what do you think? I am such a multi-tasker like that. So change of topic, we've had 150 people at my university supposedly diagnosed with the swine flu and apparently they're making it mandatory to take it next month, only one thing to say OVER MY DEAD BODY! have you heard all this stuff about it, lets just say I'm not hearing any compliments. no ones coming up going " omg, i just took the shot and I'm feeling just dandy" OK the fact that they would say " dandy" anywho... I'm not taking it. I'll see how many people die from the shot first and then I'll decide.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

A walk down memory lane

So i was taking a walk down memory lane and i came upon some old pictures and it reminded me of how a sweet little kid i was! :P

These were taken the day my mom came back from the hospital with my little sister, so i was about what maybe 6 years old and that little kid( my brother) was about 4 and a half. I'm not sure what happened to his cuteness but it's pretty much gone now! And i'm not even worried about people knowing my identity because i look nothing like these pictures now! :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I can never think of a clever enough Title for my posts so this will have to do

Finallly!! this week is over, well for me at least since i have no friday classes. Thank Allah i'm done with two mid-terms. hopefully inshallah i did good in them, i never know with these things. I've got Amnesty International planning to do since I'm the president this year for the group at our university, and me and a friend made a goal to memorize the whole quran by 2012, all you guys will be invited to the party if i ever get that goal down ia :D we'll see how that goes. so what's going on with people's lives?