Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Death is here to stay

Death, the only thing we avoid talking about, yet is the one thing we can be sure will happen to us. why is she talking about death? you ask. Just a couple of days ago one of my best friends friends passed away in a car accident. while i did not know her and have never even seen her my heart went out to her family and i felt a sadness overcome me. we usually associate death with old age and disease but we don't want to think about death coming suddenly and to people in the prime of their life. it just doesn't happen! but it does. i couldn't help wondering what if it was me? did she know that that car ride was going to be the cause of her death? that this was the last she would see of this earth. Did she prepare for her hereafter? was she ready to meet her creator? all these questions wander through my mind, and my heart fills with fear, not necessarily because of the fact that i will someday also die but more of the thought if i had prepared enough in this life to help me in the hereafter. the sudden realization of the meaning of the word " eternity" dawned on me that i almost chocked. An eternity in hell, would i be able to endure an "eternity" of that, no matter how much the phrase " all the cool people hang out in hell" is repeated, won't make a difference of the reality of the situation then. May my friends friend rest in peace, and may God bless her family with patience.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Today was the day i decided to go to the YMCA and be adventurous, yes, you heard right. Adventurous. i decided to go try out the workout machines. the same one's that i have not been on for years. People looking at me would tell me that there was no need for me to work out, " Ahh your fine" they say, thinking in their minds that i wanted some attention that was all. but after months of going up the stairs at university and stopping at the top to catch my breath i decided that i needed to put a stop to this, plan superbod begins!!

I got there and headed for the machine room or whatever its called. I got to one machine and felt almost confident enough to give it a try. Hey it looked simple enough, just set a time, put the age in and what not, and make like your half jogging or something. I thought I'd start with 15 minutes, not too little and not too much. It was just a warm-up after all, i would get into the deep stuff later. After entering all the info. required and pressing the ENTER button i started my challenge only to realize 1 minute and 36 seconds into it that i couldn't do it, but as the brave and persistent person i am i keep moving. 2 minutes and 10 seconds, now i really can't take it. I already feel like I'm in a desert and my legs are made of jelly. i pause for a moment to realize " hey, i was doing this wrong, i was going backwards!!" I hop back on and do it right this time. sadly, those 15 minutes were the first and last of the workout session. walking on solid ground again was like a miracle. Kiddy pool here i come.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

One step at a time

When i first started this blog and even before that, i would think about how i would make an impact in this world and do something productive, something fulfilling. unfortunately, this is how i usually start anything, with a lot of enthusiasm which over time eventually wanes down. It doesn't help either that I'm interested in anything and everything and wish i could do it all from photography, painting, to writing that one book!!

So just the other day i went to hear this guy talk and i swear it felt like he was directing what he was saying at me, " persistence is one of the most important things, goes right along with intentions and such" he says. Another thing he said was " think big but start small" oh how true, it's fine to think of your long term goals, or whatever goals but when one starts its better start little by little, instead of trying to do everything at one time and crash at the end.

so in short I'll be back on the blogging scene, and I'll be walking the talk ...hopefully!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

How I'm nice

The good thing about having something to near non existent followers is that I'm not obliged to update my blog. i guess that could also be bad, but I'm an optimistic gurl so I'm laughing and ignoring the fact that I'm being laughed at right now!! and just to make myself feel better I'm gonna go laugh at some peoples bad fortune at Fmylife.com ...mwahahaha