Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day nine...getting me through it cheesy-ness and all

The lady in the green t-shirt would be my best friend. Unfortunatly, we dont have any electronic pics together. funny eh? Honest to God, my cheezines doesn't do it justice but i've been through alot with her. especially that those teen years are full of drama, lord knows from where. She knows me, my crazy family and still chooses to be my friend. life was pretty successful and making us live on opposite ends of the country and maybe we don't even talk to each other that much but if there's someone who i can always pick up with a conversation like no time has passed, it's her.

P.s  so i was out of town on the weekend, had no access to internet and it turns out i had a automatic posting fail! I'm so good at this technology stuff! what? be thankful i know how to log in. seriously you guys!


  1. are those both of your collections of stuffed animals? that's really cute having them all bunched up together for a group photo with the both of you!

  2. aww no thats her and her little sister, not me =/
    all our pictures together got deleted since my beautiful laptop decided to die and delete everything