Saturday, February 12, 2011

وسقط اخر فراعنة مصر توت عنخ حسون

I am beyond proud to be Egyptian. Thank you God that i was able to live and witness this moment go down in history. May this be a beginning for greatness, peace and standing up for justice in all corners of the world. Now we know, when we think of those around us instead of thinking of only ourselves, what we can become. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

And to God we return

Sorry, I've been missing in updating my 30 day photo challenge. Yesterday i got a call that my friend's dad has passed away. I was shocked since i had just seen him 3 days ago, and my friend, i had just seen her this morning as she creeped up behind me to scare me. In a split second everything could change, my heart goes out to her, i stayed with her as she went to tell them in the hospital that her family didn't want an autopsy, at that moment i thought her the bravest person in the world. I honestly cannot describe how i was shaken to the core, all i wanted to do was find my own dad and wrap him in a huge bear hug. May God give her and her family patience and pass this time on us with ease. Inshallah i will resume updating the posts but please give us some time. Salams

Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Twenty-Four...i wish i could change..

people. I'm not sure if i want to change the way people interact with each other, or if i want to be able to control people's minds. I've almost come to the conclusion that Humanity is dead, compassion, and mercy are gone with wind too. I wish people would start acting each other as human beings, not as something that is lesser than they are.

This video says more than enough about cruelty that is rampent, it makes me wonder...

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Day Twenty-three...Favorite Book

I'm not even gonna go on about how unfair it is too choose only one book, now the rest feel left out.

This book is about a girl who has a gift, of making the characters actually step out of the books when she reads. My ultimate fantasy!

We get it, it's an African thing

I might have been shouting speaking on the phone a bit too loudly, talking in Arabic and telling my friend anti-Mubarak/pro-freedom slogans which she could put on signs for the protest we were heading to. Now to think of it, it was probably not a pleasant experience for the girl sitting at the desk next to me. Anyhow, i finish the phone call to get into the following conversation

Random Guy: how are things looking in Egypt?
Me: the same, people still in the streets, Mubarak still president
RG: that's crazy, he just won't budge
Me: ya, 30 years and he thinks he's going to change things now
RG: May God be with them
Me: Ameen, where are you from?
RG: Tunisia
Me: and congratulations to you guys!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Twenty-Two...I wish i was better at

My writing. Sometimes you have all these emotions welled up inside you and you hear someone say something that screams out THATS WHAT I"M FEELING!!! I wish i could break-down my feelings like that, write my emotions out on paper, do it with eloquence, have someone read it and say " this couldn't have been said any better" I wish i had writing that explained life, its ins, outs, and everything in between. I wish i had writing that opened your imagination into the unimaginable and made you see things that are only seen in dreams.  I wish my writing made words come alive on the page ...literally. I want to Inspire!

Day Twenty-One...i'de like to forget

Not just forget, i wish i could erase this part of my past. The couple of years i lived in North Carolina were not my best, sometimes i wish i could forget it all. Remove the memories as if cleaning up a hard drive. But at times i thank God Almighty because only when i look at that situation do i remember that Allah does everything with a reason and that he knows what's best. The place in which i'm living right now i used to hate before moving there, I used to tell my mom that I'd rather die than move here and then when i moved to North Carolina i would have rather moved anywhere than stay there. So when i did end up moving here i was grateful Alhmdllah.

would you?

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day Twenty...and i'd like to travel to...

these posts make me take very hard choices.

I'm a traveler, i love to travel and it's not easy to just pick one place. can i pick a couple? pweeze?

I'd love to go to Spain. Part of my ancestry goes back to Spain. The story goes that When Islam came to Spain they became Muslim but when King Ferdinand(sp?) and Queen Isabella kicked the Muslims and the Jews out they fled to...Egypt! families met, a few generations later after the unity of Spain and Turkey we get me! and there i was thinking Cleopatra was my great great great greaaaaat something.

so naturallly....

I also want to visit Turkey.

oh and Greece has been my first travel to place on my list since i was a weeee little kid, I've always  imagined myself walking around barefoot in a white dress around these houses

p.s I will not mention Italy, Scotland, UK, Malaysia, Sri lanka, South Korea, or Japan :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Day nineteen...a picture and letter

Dear Mr. Hosny Mubarak  

I've spoken so many words against your injustices, your oppression that it hardly needs mentioning anymore, not that it really needed mentioning in the first place. Your actions spoke louder than your words. I'll be first to admit, i felt bad for you during the speech you gave about how you were the country's military hero, how you served it and its people, because yes maybe at one point before all this you were something. but you can only blame yourself for what has happened, for where you are now. The chants of people on the streets, the derogatory name calling that they call you. Yes, it's not so respectful of someone your age but again did you consider that when old women cried themselves to sleep because of worry about where their sons were because you wisked them off the streets and no one heard a word about where they were. Did you consider that when your brutal police forces cold bloodedly murder Khalid Saed and made his face nearly unidentifiable. Did you for a moment consider how his mother felt when they came to her and told her that her son, was dead. or the many others really. Imagine Mr. President, how you would have felt if that was YOUR son. Did you consider the ones that were thrown off police station roofs and said to have committed suicide. The millions who live in cardboard boxes rain or shine while you sold Egyptian Gas for under 10 cents to Israel, why? Were you working for the people's best interests then? Were you working for their best interests when youth graduated from Medical school and then had to put a piece of cloth on the sidewalk and sell used books in order to make a living, because the possibility of finding a job was next to nothing. Or were you working in their interests when the Education system became so unbelievably hard yet fail to teach anything that many had to start tutoring in all subjects at the first grade? When many could not afford to pay for that and it was either starve the family or have the child pass. What did it matter to you anyways, they were one among the millions of the same situation. 
I write those words as my heart aches and my tears flow. Yet I sitting here compare nothing to the millions who have to day in and day out live with the consequences of your rule. The prayers of an oppressed person never go unanswered, and you Mr. president have many prayers against you.