Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hair be gone

So I finally did it, after weeks and weeks of telling myself i'll get a haircut. I did. And just to show my brother how much i trust him, i let him cut my hair! like all of it. It feels weird wrapping my hijab and not have a bump in the back. It's weird yet satisfying. I love it even though  it didn't exactly turn out exactly like i wanted its still nice. My face shape took a whole new look or whatever.

since my hair is more curly than straight this is more how it turned out. close enough

I could swear though that i look like Audrey Hepburn, except for some odd reason my mom doesn't agree 


  1. Here's ur No.1 Supporter on this Hun.:D I very much wanna do that again, I had my first Garcon hair cut around two years ago, I seriously had a Hippy long hair, n since me hair is more curly than straight It was such a Deal for me mum that i decided to do that, but I got it flat out to her,"I want to look at the mirror and not recognize myself", I did my researches and took a decision and Did it, A huge amount of hair went in one cut, but i totally loved it, I really felt more of a Woman like that!
    It was a Funny Shocker for my friends but, it was part of them beginning to admit that I really am That Mountain Dew kinda Gal!:D:)....
    They haven't seen me Biking in Zamalek yet:P:)
    P.S I'm Dying to cut it again but this time I Want it shorter, Like Halle Berry short! Hope I'd Do it. Congrats for the Hair cut Hun.

  2. lool yaa the a la garcon cut best part is my mom thought i was "exaggerating" when i said i wanted to cut all my hair like that. so when finally my brother went at it with the shaving thinga majig she was like O!! but yes i seriously love ittt!! absolutely positively. I def. look more feminine and so different. i can't wait to see the look on my friends' faces.

    Biking in zamalek! in masr in general! haha your awesome! for some odd reason biking in masr while a girl is a big no no. and you should def. go for the the cut.