Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A little bit of selfish works

I miss the fact that i used to do more with my time than just study. I used to paint, swim, and a whole bunch of other stuff. Not saying that i'm not doing anything but its not as much as i would have liked to do. If there's a lesson i learned in this past year it's to not relay on anyone. pessimistic? no, just being realistic. With my friends i used to get such high hopes because it would always be "Omg! lets do this" "We're definitely going to get this done" but then "this" never happened. Not that they don't have dreams, they do, amazing dreams! But they're just that, dreams. So plan is this coming semester (inshallah) is to do what I want. Not what somebody else wants. Not to wait for somebody else to come along and support me, i need to support myself. As inspirational as it is putting a goal and saying i need to get this done, it isn't realistic. I need to work on a checkpoint where i see how far I've reached and if i'm still on track. So as silly as it sounds I'm going to start off with a new look for a new year and new resolutions. cheers!

                                  My friends told me they'll break my neck if i cut my hair like that but i def. love this look. 

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