Thursday, January 27, 2011

The revolution of Egypt


Yes i call it a revolution, and nothing short of that.
this is not just some uprisings or merely protests but finally a call for overthrowing a decedent regime
it is a a total and absolute change from what we as Egyptians  lived in of Apathy, lack of care and repeated slogons of  " there's nothing in my hands to do."

We've tasted enough oppression and how sweet is the taste of change. We haven' t yet seen progress but the fact that Egyptians no matter their religion, social standing, or gender are out in the streets taking matters in their own hands is something.

The fact that thousands of Egyptians started collecting the garbage off the streets is something
The fact that people are working together as one hand is more than just something, it's everything

May God protect them and stand by them.

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