Friday, July 24, 2009

yearly resolutions

It's been a while and nothin really going on, life is ah so blahhhh. only difference is that now i am offically 19 as my birthday was on the 20th. my family is not one to celebrate birthdays much but it is a good time to reflect on the past and think of new resolutions and it's pretty sad to say i have a "50 things to do before the age of 25" and i don't think i've acomplished any of it! for this coming year though i'll put a few goals for myself and hopefully inshallah by this time next year i can say i acomplished most of them.

1- memorize at least a juz2 (chapter)of Qur'an
2- get straight A's ...lets hope and give it a bismallah
3- be more involved in my community and trying for the betterment( is that a word?) of my surroundings.

4- start up my clothing fashion business inshallah
5-try praying all my prayers on time

I have many more of these but i'll just stick to those so i can make sure i fullfill all of them.

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