Sunday, July 19, 2009

History and time machines

I'm fasinated by it and learning about it gives me a sort of rush of adrelanine through my body. it's beyond exhalirating to find more about history or be in a place of historical significance. for as long as i can remember i've been trying to discover that time machine that will take me back to the rennicance, ancient Egypt, french revolution, and it goes on forever. As a kid i remember mixing potions of lemon, sugar, and water (nevermind that it vaugly resembeled lemonade), and i would throw the mix at the wall in hopes of magically opening a portal that would lead me to my dreams. needless to say the wall needed repainting after a while and i got in a buncha trouble, but hey every genius faced roadblocks at some point or another and i think i'm making some headway with the strawberry, water, and sugar potion. shhhhh it's a secret!


  1. hey hun thanx 4 visiting my blog n leaving nice comments! love ur blog!

  2. by the way, for a teenager, you sound alot older than your age. Take that as a compliment. =) Mashallah.