Sunday, July 26, 2009

Girls of Riyadh

I'm so excited! i went to the library and got some books. i haven't picked a book since last summer and anyone who knows how much of a book addict i am knows how big of a deal this is to me. yes, i know such a nerd. one of the books i got was this one, looks interesting and can't wait to get a start on it. any books to recommend?


  1. ohhh Please tell me what this book is like i was gonna buy it 3 days ago subhanallah. Please let me know if you enjoyed it, i read like 2 pages on amazon seemed ok

    if u like those arab true story books,
    jean sasson an auther assists in book writing... princess is a good book about a saudi princess life

    Mayada daughter of iraq - about a woman who ends up in a female prison in iraq.

    layla , Married by force... An Algerian i think living in france with her family and its her story about her life being 1 girl with all these brothers and eventually gets married of to some 30 yo, i liked that book mashallah she seemed like a nice girl

  2. The Yacoubian Building

    it's very good. how's that book so far?

  3. my all time fave The Kite Runner & The Alchemist , just to name a few.

    oh, ive read books by Jean Sasson as mentioned here...quite interesting.

  4. Samra: i'll def try checking out these other books as well, and ill tell you how this one goes after i get a start on it

    Sarah: wait, isn't there a movie called the yacoubian building as well? sounds familiar

    nor: i love the kite runner but i think khaled hussaini's a thousand splendid suns is even better, the alchemist was a good read too :D