Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hanan Turk

I love Hanan turk's style. she dresses modestly yet so fashionably
some of the these pictures are from her new upcoming series "hanem bnt basha" which she's doing wearing the hijab and other pictures are from the events that she takes part of. what do you think of her style?


  1. حنان جميلة والتزامها بدينها اجمل وبجد اجمد مسلسل في رمضان ربنا يا رب يوفقها هي تستاهل مننا كدة واكتر ربنا يخليهلنا وتقدملنا ادوار احسن واحسن

  2. 7a2ee2i heya ah gameela gdan :D lsa matfrgtsh 3al mosalsal laken oryeb inshallah :D