Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm melting faster than a grilled cheese sandwich being um..grilled

IT'S SO HOT!!! im burning here, and since my grandma can't tolerate any fans going on or the air conditioner i can pretty much scramble an egg in the living room heat! you'd think we were in the desert here. so i choose to stay in my room under the fan but that's about all i can do in this heat so please forgive me, i just got done with reading Girls of Riyadh though so expect a review coming soon.

this is what i wish i was doing right now, except i would be wearing something longer..of course :P


  1. hey cool blog i would love for you to vist my site its for young teenage muslimahs

  2. Love your blog and cute photo! I totally understand as it's 100 degrees everyday here in Texas. Thank Goodness for burkini's :)

  3. Salams Khadija thanks for visiting my blog, cool blog and cute outfits :S

    thanks yasemin, sometimes i wish it wouldn't get soo hot but then i remember the cold winters and go " nevermind"