Friday, July 10, 2009

Tag, i'm it!

I've been tagged my first tag also by Samra from which is just as well cause i've been going through a writers block :D

>your nickname:
gargeer, omo esma3eel, hagz, gogo,can you guess my name?

>what type of person are you:
friendly, activist, high achiever, bad joker (i'm the only one that thinks my jokes are funny) easliy amused but not esily impressed

>Your most beloved:
my religon,family and friends

>Favorite songs:
look into my eyes- outlandish
shoulder to lean on- sound of reason
paradise- native deen

>Favorite Foods:
All types of chicken especially spicy and fried
wara2 3enab done the egyptian way ( stuffed grape leaves)
i'm always down for Italian, Indian, egyptian, and chinese :D

>Stressful Attitude:
i cry when i'm stressed

>Favorite Colors:

Red, purple, Orange, yellow, forest green wow it sounds like the rainbow!

>A must in your handbag:

my kohl, mini quran, and wallet

>Last cried:

i think last week ( i was stressed)

I tag

Mona at
Radwa at

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