Wednesday, July 15, 2009

what mosquites make me do

I'm trying to sleep and I'm almost in that phase in between sleep and non-sleep when from the other side of my bed i hear fighting i get up ready to smack whoever for waking me up when i see my little brother lodged at the foot of my bed, left foot extended out next to my face and my little sister who decided to sleep next to me pushing him away.

ME: whats going on? and why is your foot in my face

little Bro: I wanted her to scratch my mosquito bite, it itches

ME: what! scratch it yourself

little Bro: but she's ( little sister) is the only one that can itch it good

i couldn't help but laugh
so i volunteer to itch his foot for him so i can get some sleep

ME: is that OK?

Little Bro: I scratch good, you scratch better, but she scratches the best

i can't help but laugh at those little kid conversations that go on, tell me how else would you get an English lesson in good, better, best :P


  1. Salams

    awww mashaAllah that is really adorable!
    I never had little brothers or sisters, so these are fun to read, lol.

  2. ya alhmdllah although they can be a handful at times :P