Friday, May 1, 2009

The henna's revenge! or something like that.

yahh so i made the biggest mistake of my life when i decided to by that henna design thing and *experiment* with it. First, i should have known it would be trouble when i couldn't get the cone thing to squirt any henna out, like seriously how hard could it be! apparently, harder than it looked. so after figuring out that there was a layer that was supposed to be taken off, i peeled that only to find that it still wouldn't squirt! a while later a find a nail coming out of the damn thing and no it still wouldn't work, i push on it bursts open from the other side... all over my room. so now my pillows and carpet have a henna makeover

That's how my henna turned out.

ohh wait never mind that was what i hoped it would look like...

this is my actual attempt at it! I'm not even include how my feet turned out lest someone get a heart attack.


  1. hahaha, :) That's happened to me, before. I praciced on paper for a bit. Just to get used to making the design look smoother. I'm no pro but I'm a lot better than I used to. I like the blog :) And your hand looks way better than my first. :)

  2. lol, i was just told by my mom that whenever she takes a glance at it, it looks like dirt. way to be told by my own mom :p hey maybe ill get better at it too ..someday and thx i'm glad u like the blog :)