Monday, May 25, 2009

and to the beach here we come

I so want to go to Egypt right now, most of my friends or off somewhere or another this time of year as i sit here watching YouTube videos of Egypt and places i've been over there. Khan Elkhalili is a definite must for anyone who is planning to visit, my grandparents live right next to the Hussein masjid so i pretty much know the place inside and out. Ras El Bar was also another place we went to every summer when we lived over there, it is probably one of the most beatuiful places in Egypt, with the best fiteer, and mishabek out there. one day i plan on buying me one of those houses/ huts over there. ahhh dream on. Any certain places that you miss visiting and havn't been to in a while?
this looks like some place in Cairo but i dunno it says it's ras elbar
Now this is def. Ras el Bar... ah lovely i miss it
Also Ras elbar


  1. well, i have been to alex. sth like 2 weeks ago, and i don't want to make you jealous... bas el gaw kan wahmy:), espicially for a person suffering from "Cairopression"... But if ur askin about places i miss, Take this:
    1,2,&3 United Kingdom!! I'm crazilly yearning to go back there.
    4- Marsa Matrou7, Last time i went there was along while ago, n the sea was just amazing!!

  2. thanks a lot, my friend is going to alex and she's rubbing it in as well :P nice the UK? i really wanna go visit there and as for marsa matrou7 it is beautiful i went only once long time back as well, it was a mo3askar and it was amazing. i'm thinking next time i go to egypt i wanna go visit aswan and maybe i'll see bakar :D

  3. I miss anywhere and everywhere in Egypt...Alexandria, Asahil Ashimaly, Tanta, Cairo, Mansura. Those villas in Ras Elbar are really beautiful mashAllah...