Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I met the president!

I had a dream. it was a weird dream, but it was an entertaining one if you could say.
It started with two groups, um and one was running after the other, it was the good guys after the bad guys. that's how it always is in the movies, anyways we make it down to the basement and there's a large group of people. i think we were supposed to be protesting something; I'm not sure what but i guess it was a pretty big deal because right then PRESIDENT OBAMA came and took the microphone, and when he did that people started walking away. I started yelling at people to stay put and stand their ground. Mr. president saw that i was struggling, you know i had a sore throat and all, so he gave me the microphone and i started telling people to stand up for their rights, it was their duty. President Obama admired how i stood up for what i believed and we had dinner which was grape leaves or wara2 3nab, lol. except i didn't know what to say, so it was awkward. when i woke up i was like OMG i just met the president and i had nothing to say to him. stupid, stupid, stupid, you just ruined your one time chance. so if you did happen to meet the president what would you say to him?


  1. Ahaha @ the grapeleaves

    I would ask Mr.Obama for some money$$$

    I'm in college, so I'm broke :(

  2. I would thank him for his strategies so far! espicially for Guantanamo and Iraq, I'll tell him that i Hope he works it out with Ahmadinjad!
    Tell him he's a pride for all races, and so is Michelle.
    And that I hope that oneday, I'll Deserve and earn his friendship and to make a difference in this world, any good position that i take. and that i definately don't hope to be in such a delicate position as he is, but tell him to keep the wisdom!

  3. Maryam - i totally need some money as well, i kinda lost my scholarship cause of my grades > <

    Radwa- i do admire how he closed GBay, lets hope he keeps up, and omg he has the cutest kids ( mashallah)