Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I cleaned a stove today and i don't even work at Mcdee's

It was my first time cleaning a stove and i found it oddly satisfying.
it all started when my brother decided to complain that no one was making him any food. i proceeded to tell him that if he's so stupid that he can't open the fridge and get his own food, then he's too dumb to pass his AP exam on Friday ( of course i said it in a nicer way ;)) so he proceeded to clank the fork on the pan! you are probably like, "umm where did the pan come into this, ahh what a lamo comeback" but if you know me the sound of metal on metal is like ear-stabbing-nails on a blackboard sound to me. i ignored it once but the second time around i splashed him with the soap and water i was doing the dishes with, he in turn threw a cup of water at me, and then my mom stepped in and the fun was over! and so i had to clean the stove. The end.

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