Thursday, May 7, 2009

Happy Mother's day...everyday!

Today i woke up to find my mom sick with an inner ear infection, basically what that means is that if you get up the world would seem upside down and everything is all shaky which also may cause throwing up and unfocusness, something about the fluid in the ear that keeps a person stable. since i am no doctor and have no intention of becoming one this will be the end of my discussion about inner ear infections. the only reason I'm talking about inner ear infections is because my mom had one, you know we never really appreciate how much our mothers do for us until we try doing what they do. My mom for example, takes care of 5 kids( well I'm not really a kid but i prly act like one)takes them to school, the cooking, washing, teaching, and everything in between. seriously, its a full-time job! today, since my mom was sick i was up and about doing everything from cooking to doing the dishes and by the end of it i was exhausted! and i hadn't even done half of what my mom does. so instead of just having one day to honor our mama's, we should be celebrating it everyday! wow how many times have i mentioned an inner ear infection in this post.

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