Saturday, May 9, 2009

i Owe my brother one

so today we're sitting down after praying maghrib and my brother goes " Does anyone notice anything different about me?" we all manage to come up with some smart allecky ( is that a word?) thing to say and i go " finally, you change your shirt" my mom chips in with " well you need to cut your nails" with a unanimous " EWW" from everyone. we kept the gussing game up untill finally the bro. goes " No it's my birthday" my mama goes ' no, actually you were born yesterday, your birth certificate just says its today" ah well that's a relief it wasn't only us who missed his birthday he did as well.

the thing is one of my friends birthday falls on the same day as my brother and whenever she mentioned when her birthday was i'd chip in with " thats the same day as my brother!" so yesterday( thx to facebook birthday alerts) i rememberd it was her birthday but forgot it was my brother's. our family doesn't celebrate birthdays much but i know its still nice to be rememberd on that day, but hey i blame my brother. he's the one that didn't put his birthday up on facebook!

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