Sunday, May 3, 2009

I'm back on solid ground, can i get an ALHMDLLAH!

I made it. After 14 hours of driving one comes to appreciate walking on land. you'd know what i mean if you've been through it. actually you don't even have to go through it to know that that is an awfully long time to be in a car. Usually though on these trips i see the beautiful, amazing, breath-taking, and down right weird. so they're like mini adventures, you know without all the stopping.

One amusing thing that i saw was of two people riding a moter bike and whenever a truck passed by they'd shake their fist at them. yah i dunno why either.

i saw Alot of Amish people, many of whom were driving horse pulled wagons which i think is freakin cool. I'm pretty sure no Amish person is going to be checking this blog or any other for the matter but just in case, i think its hella awesome that you people ride wagons, i would totally do it, well maybe not if i have to drive 14 hours cause then it might take me days

I saw lots and lots of farmland, i noticed a couple of burnt ones which was sad

While driving in Virginia and West Virginia we were driving in between mountains, i dunno if it was the fact that it was raining, or if it was clouds, fog, or a mist or what it was, but the top of the clouds looked like there was smoke coming out of them. i theorized that maybe the trees on the mountains caught fire and as a result the smoke, but then all the mountains were like that. then i was like OMG its the mist all over again.(seriously that was one freaky movie)

we were so high up in the mountains and our ears were popping, it was so silent, it felt like it was only us, the car, and the mountains. it was breath-taking, the only thing i could say was SubhanAllah; so maybe the drive was worth it after all.

( these are not my own photos, but these are the VA mountains and thats pretty much how they looked)

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