Sunday, May 17, 2009

Surprise is not a word i like

Now i love surprises like the next girl, like i was super thrilled when my best friend just dropped by North Carolina with her family that one time, unannounced. or when i get a gift for no reason except that i was remembered. but i hate hate people trying to jump out of a closet and yell out "BoO" or "surprize" jumping out at me period, that's asking for it. you can ask my siblings who have tried doing that. they have the scares to prove it. Now i wasn't always like that but i went through a tramatuazing experience that has caused me to hate surprises! yes, yes i said it.

It was a friday i remember, and like every child my age i was happy that it was. The knowledge that i was going that night to get some blood tests at the hospital where my uncle works didn't phase me much, i was a brave girl.
we walked into the hospital and were led to a room with two beds, that should have been a warning to me, but this was Egypt. of course the doctor was late, meanwhile i walked back and forth in front of a room whose door was made of glass i would stand there trying to fix my hair and admire myself. The Doctor managed to come and i was told to lie down on the bed, i bravely did so and was a little confused by the distraught look on my mom's face, it didn't hurt i assured her but she just sat there opened her Qur'an and started to read. While the doctor was giving me the shot his phone rang and he left the syringe INSIDE my hand and went outside the room to talk, i can say this was when i started getting nervous. A while later the doctor came in and everything started getting blurry, the last thing i remembered was me being rolled into the room with the mirror doors, there was a light of in the distance but everything close by was black, then everything did go black.

you know those movies where someone is sleeping and then they suddenly wake up and go" AHHHHHHHH" well that's it felt like when i woke up. I was in pain, there wasn't one particular place, my whole body was hurting and i felt high. My dad suddenly comes into view " habibti" he says " you had a surgery" I'm not really understanding what he' saying cause that's not even possible. then all you can hear from me is " ehhh? eh? what?" &*^%&^&)(%%E$@&#^%*%P_*&*^ then it was back to the blackness

I woke up again, it was morning this time, i vaguely remembered having a bad dream but i couldn't exactly remember what it was, maybe because i was in too much pain. Wait! that was it, i had a dream that my dad told me that i had a surgery. i looked around, i looked at my arm. it was hooked to an IV thingie and my left hand where i'd taken the shot last night had something inside of it. It wasn't a nightmare after all, it was the real deal. i called my mom and she came and it turns out i had my appendix removed by my own uncle, and no one cared to tell me.

So since then, me and surprises haven't really gotten along, i try to avoid them at all costs.


  1. wow, your appendix?!

    Now that is a surprise!

  2. haha ya i am no appendix-less, i think i just made up a word!