Monday, May 11, 2009

blog and blog again

so i was looking around at some different blogs and just typing in names to see the different ones that would come up with me and many of the blogs i saw were either started many years ago and left to rot or had only one post and that was that. For some reason it made me sad to look at these blogs all abandoned and empty. It made me even more determined to go on writing mine and continue with it even though i don;t get much readers. At the end it's not really about who comments, who likes and who doesn't but about putting your ideas and feelings out there. To die so young, and there was so much potential. it breaks my heart. really, it does.

1 comment:

  1. I know .. Its very sad to see your fellow blogger's quietly leaving the blogging world. Sometimes blogging isnt your top priority, I guess.
    I myself stopped blogging for quite a while to concentrate better on my upcoming finals; but know that I am back, cant wait to blog lots ;-)