Sunday, May 10, 2009

midnight koshary

last night i couldn't sleep so i went downstairs for a midnight at one snack. i found some leftover koshary and some dressing in the fridge and mixed the two. while i was eating my mind drifted to that restaurant that i will someday(inshallah) open, it would be Egyptian food like koshary, bashamel and such other Egyptian food with a twist of Indian because i just know how to rock my curry and hot spices, and if i say so myself, i make a mean dish of meat masala. seriously my family is so hooked on Indian and spicy food that my mom got the white kid that she used to babysit hooked on that stuff, and he was THREE! i have the name of the cafe/restarunt down. i pretty much have everything my mind. which reminds me i probably should start working on getting that closing line of mine up, which has the same name as my future restaurant/cafe by the way. and oh ya the koshary was good, thx for asking.

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