Thursday, June 4, 2009

you know that one speech by obama given in Cairo today

so luckely for me i woke up to pray fajr and rememberd that today was the day that president obama would give his speech in Cairo University, so i was able to get some of the live coverage of it all. oh yah what was up with telling people not to go out in their balcony's and to stay home!! anywho i really think that speech summed up all the stuff muslims and arabs have been screaming out for years while no one listened and people shouted " death to the Middle East" and he actually said moslems not "Muzlums" he did say " hajib" though not "hijab" i think it took a moment for people to realise what he was talking about then they started clapping. yahh check out the whole speech on this link.

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  1. Haha, ya ur right, Thought it moght be the Accent, Eventhough he said El salamu 3alaikum correctly!
    The Dude is a Law Graduate... He Knows How to Talk!!