Friday, June 5, 2009

the day i die

i seem to be doing a lot of confessions lately, but hey at least i'm following up with the whole title of " confessions of a teenage muslimah" and all. hmm deja vu, so sometimes i lay down ( lie or lay?) and pretend i'm dead, you know just to get some practice and all. i lay there, close my eyes, take a position, hold my breath, and imagine what it would be like, but then it gets too sad and practice time is over. There is a saying somewhere or maybe it's a hadith i really can't remember that went something along the lines of they way a person dies indicates how they lived out their life, if their deeds were good or bad. so i'm trying to avoid the way that Elvis died as much as i can( he died on the toilet.) seriously though who of us can say that if we died today they wouldn't have any regrets or would wanna go back read more quran, do more good deeds or pray that one prayer they prayed late in time. I leave you with this picture, it really says it all.

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