Saturday, June 6, 2009

false alarm

I woke up to my sister yelling in my ear " guess what? guess what? the samples came and no one opened the door so we have to pick them up" still half asleep i got up and went to get confirmation from my mom. she confirmed it but for some reason i didn't believe that the clothing samples have finally arrived and that i could at last get a move on with my clothing business. " how do you know" i asked "7abebti, it's not like we're waiting for anything else" she told me. anyways aboki rye7 yegbhom.
turns out we were waiting for something else, my grandma's passport.

moral of the story : if your sister comes waking you up screaming, push her away and go back to sleep.

if you have no idea what the kebab i'm talking about you may continue sleeping as well.


  1. Ha!Ha!Ha .. Thats so funny :-)
    I wish you success with whatever business it is you wish to start, Where do u live by the way ?


  2. thank you. I live in canada for university and abroad ( the states) lol during the summer

  3. Hahahaha! Lucky me then, I have no sisters!!:)