Saturday, June 27, 2009

I can never match all my mom does

by the time i get to bed i'm exhausted. I'm up all day on my feet cooking, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry,feeding my little siblings and just when i start thinking i'm done it starts all over again. why you ask am i all of a sudden such the housewife. my mama has been diagnosed with a several galtas or blood clots in her artries. while she's away getting treatment and yarab yeshfeha wyrg3ha belsalama* i'm here having to take care of everything. i never knew that being a housewife is such a fulltime job and it's not even a 9-5 thing this is a 24/7 type of thing. we used to have this woman in our community ( she's legand) mashallah, she had two kids, was pregnant, had her masters was studying for her Phd, had the quran memorized and gave like 2 halaqas a week one at university and another at the masjid. now that is a superwomen!

I never really thought about all the stuff my mom had to do, not i'm not really a spoiled brat that sits on her butt all day doing nothing but i certainly didn't do all the stuff she did all in one day i'd do the dishes twice, vacuum maybe and call it a day. you know karma's a B%&#@ because now that i'm doing all this stuff and i ask my sister to do something she tells me " well, i did the dishes" like that's the end of the work. I miss you mama >3

* May Allah cure her and return her to us


  1. Assalamualaikum Eloquence. I'm so sorry about your Mom. I pray to Allah that she'll be getting the best medicine for her illness and be back at home as a healthy woman and supermom for you. And I hope you will be fine handling all the house hold chores. You should be strong for your siblings because that would ease your Mom's worry. All the best sis!

  2. Yaa..Rabena yeshfihalko ya rab, when mum travelled to al haj, me n my bro sat together, he had to some of the stuff as well as i did, but i always think, i could never be or do 1/4 of what my parents do , especially Mum! Rabena ye5alihalko we ye5aliko le ba3d!
    Hold up tight gal, n DIvide the chores on you n your siblings!!

  3. walikom asalam kakchick, thanks so much for your thoughtful words and duas inshallah she comes home soon in the best of health

    Rawda ya we never truely realise how much our parents do for us without waiting for anything in return untill they're not there, rebna ye5lehom yarab