Sunday, June 7, 2009

Don't be a hater

so i just got out of a full fledged family argument, cause this is how we do. this time it was about Amr Khaled, for those who don't know who he is, he's a man who simply gives deroos and lectures and has become really popular. i'm sure you can do a search about him and find all sorts of stuff, including, sadly, other sheiks cursing him and calling him a fool. basically everything short of a kafir. If that in itself doesn't sound messed up enough then i don't know what does. I get that he makes mistakes afterall he is human, he says it himself as he also tells people that he is no scholar.Some people see it as ok to go and denounce all the good stuff he has done using the excuse that he did some mistakes. seriously the only anyone can not do any mistakes is to sit home and keep their mouth shut that way you don't teach don't learn and a plus plus is that for sure you will not be making any mistakes regarding the prophets * sarcasm.* what i feel is more unexceptable is the way other sheiks on national tv and during jomaa kotbas and give whole lectures about how amr khaled is bad, seriously, if any of them cared enough as they say to give a naseeha or advise they wouldn't be doing it on national tv, they'de take him in private and tell him in a nice manner, and people have to realise that he simplfies things and puts them in simple words so anyone can understand.

During the prophet's time there was a man who went into the masjid and started urinating, the companians of the prophet started getting up and were about to go beat him the prohpet (pbuh) told them to stop and to wait until the man was done lest they shock and scare him. afterwards he talked to him in a nice manner as well he didn't go yelling at him and cursing him.
You can't right a wrong with another wrong

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