Friday, June 12, 2009

We the youth can and we will

I just came back from a workshop/lecture type thing that was going on at our masjid tonight. the topic was youth involvement in the community. to keep matters short I'll just highlight on some of the main points. we were asked for the reasons why youth aren't involved in the community and the reasons ranged from everything, peer pressure to better things to do such as going shopping or watching a movie; then the question became well why is it important to have youth involved and that too had many answers such as having stronger faith. I think the main thing that stuck in my mind was when we were asked, when sydna bilal, somaya, and other sa7aba companions of the prophet stand in front of God on that given day and they're asked what have you done for Islam? how did you spread the message for generations to come? they can testify for their actions but when it's our turn will we be able to do the same? i sincerely hope so. while the pleasures of this world can last for a while we have to remember that its a only a passing phase and there are spots in Jannah available we just have to be ready to pay for them.
I think many of the sheiks and speakers are trying to emphasize this point of how the youth at the time of the prophet were the ones who mostly helped bring forth the message of Islam and while they had harsh barriers such as torture and rejection from the community, i think i can say we have it somewhat better and easier on us.

inshallah tomorrow the girls have decided to have a meeting and set up plans for activities to be done to attract the youth so that should be fun inshallah, especially that our youth center in the masjid has this big flat screen and a wii :D

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