Friday, June 19, 2009

where i say stuff that noone gets the heck i'm talking about

sometimes it takes people who are against you for you to realise your dreams. I'm not really trying to be philasophical here but it really just came upon me how sometimes when someone is so against what your doing and telling you, "you have little to no chance of realizing your dreams and making it happen" that you become more determined than ever to prove them wrong and tell yourself " yes i can and i will!" and this is when you really and truelly start putting plans down on what you have to do to reach that point and ultimatly be able to say " In your face! i did it" in a nice way of course :P when and if i do realise my dreams and make them come true inshallah i will come back and tell you what it is i'm talking about, and that's a promise.

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