Wednesday, June 3, 2009

i need to get off the lazy boat

I have a confession, I'm lazy also i'm the sort of person that starts something and leaves it half finished. Yes i know the horror! i was taking a look at my life and it occured to me that i havn't really acomplished much. for example, since the start of the summer (month and half back) i've been memorizing the same surah and i'm not even done with it. i started writing a book and then i got bored so i stopped. same thing with my paintings. ok maybe it's not the laziness but bordem. who knows. pretty much this blog is my struggle against quitting. yay! ohh by the way i'm back :d


  1. Haha... Tell me about it... Same here BTW, I get bored really fast, and it's not good for me coz I AM a Painter! I'm trying to memorize the Quran too, n of course i know very little! But i guess it's about Organizing, Try to do alittle of everything at the same day,
    and by the way I'm writing the comment and Posting a blog article at the same time, and of course thinking about the Grad. Project which is 2 days away!... So u See:) It's a Disease!:)

  2. wow now that's multi-tasking! ya i have no luck with organization as well. laken rbna ma3aki on ur grad. project inshallah it'll be as beautiful as you're other art projects