Saturday, April 4, 2009

I think...

I think...

I hate that word. well not the word itself but i hate when it goes something like this.

" I really don't think God would care if i pray or not"
" In my opinion, I don't think Hijab is obligatory or anything"
" I think God would care less if i fasted or not, he has better things to do"

you think?

so really whats the point of following a religion of people keep making up their own rules for it, and instead of just guessing wouldn't it be smarter to read the Qur'an and see.

World, it really pisses me off to see people doing things like that, i understand that some people might not feel ready to take on some of the rules that are required, and that's fine.but trying to make excuses and nullify the rules is a totally different matter. If God did not care about whether one wore the hijab or not for example, or if they prayed 5 times a day or not, then they would not be mentioned in the Quran and Ahadith and such, so don't put words in God's mouth ( figuratively of course) :D. Not understanding the Ayah or not being able to find it in the Qur'an doesn't mean its not there either.

I'm not implying for anyone to close of their brains and not think, but i feel that the problem is that maybe people are over thinking it. For example, you go to the Doctor's office, and he says that you have to take a shot. Its logical to ask why you have to do it in order to understand better how you might need it, but you don't go and tell the doctor, (who happens to have a degree in this stuff) " hey doc, i really don't think i need this shot, its gonna hurt." same idea, one should try understanding the reasons behind the things we have to do, but its not exactly up to us to say yes or no. or if someone does decide and do that, hey its your choice, just don't go making up I think and think nots!!

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