Monday, April 13, 2009

my little pet peeves

I know i've been hatin' on a lot of stuff lately but i've got to say, i think so far my #1 on the list has to be those unwritten rules that they always come up with. An example of this is the ensuing conversation i had with mom on the phone about 5minutes ago.

Phone rings or more like vibrate...

ME: Aloo
Mom: Where have you been?
ME: umm here at university, studying
Mom: I've beeen trying to reach you all day
Me: umm
Mom: Why didn't you call me after your exam??
Me: well i turned it off for the exam and forgot all about it afterwards cause i was studying for tomorrow's exam ?
Mom: Why didn't you tell me you were staying

ME: !!!!! well i thought you knew, since i have an exam tommorow and since i've been staying pretty late for the past i dunno...two weeks, i thought you knew!
Mom: me and tant Hanem(my friends mom) were all dressed and ready to come look for you!
Me: (WHAT!!!) well look, you're really making a big deal out of this just because i had my phone clos..
Mom: we didn't just get you a phone so you can leave it turned offf!! ( yelling)
Me: well i had a lot on my mind and i just forgot, but that's no reason for you to make a big deal..
Mom: Your supposed to call after an exam, you know that!

I did not know that!! like my parents never sat me down and told me that i had to officially call after every exam i took!! cause when i do call this is what i say " alhmdllah it was ok" cause if i say any other thing such as " we'll see" hell does a tumble!

so world what do you think? should i have called my mom? do you have any unwritten rules in your family that you just hate?

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