Friday, April 24, 2009

10 Things i have learned in my first year of university

1- Eye twitching is totally normal, in fact if it doesn't happen probably means your not have enough all nighters.

2- Having All nighters is totally normal, and is most encouraged

3- The people who are at the table next to you in the library totally become your best friends when you need someone to watch your stuff

4- One develops an immunity to caffeine, one has to find new means to stay any means necessary

5- Right when exam times role around Facebook, YouTube, and every means of distraction all of a sudden becomes really interesting

6- Cubicles are the latest fad

7-sneaking skills to the nines, while food is not allowed in the library one need not to worry, just sneak it around through the elevator, or in someones purse

8- Ice Cap's are an addiction and Tim Hurton's( Canadian version of Starbucks) is like a daily need for one to function

9- When i say i'm going to a "club meeting" by that i don't mean i'm actually going to a club

10- That High School was a joke!


  1. Nice blog. :)

    I agree with that. Except I can't do all nighters. I tried one time and used red bull to stay awake. I ended up having a panic attack. I'm banned from redbull now. lol.

  2. Thankss :D

    oh yahh true life: caffine puts me to sleep, i have to make my friends call me every 5 seconds, its not gurantueed to work either

  3. I love the song you have up. Land called paradise :)

    andddd i never ever in my entire time during undergrad pulled an all nighter, i just couldnt do it. i love sleep too much.
    all of my friends do it though. all the time. i have no idea how.